TiTiwangsa One
190 Sussex Gardens, London

TiTiwangsa One is situated within the city of Westminster, in the vicinity of Sussex Gardens W2. It is located at the corner of Sussex Gardens and Spring Street, which benefits from direct frontages to both streets. The subject property lies to the north of Hyde Park and approximately 200 meters to the south of Paddington Station, which provides underground rail services to Heathrow Airport, Reading and the South West and West of England, and Wales.

Properties within the immediate vicinity of the subject property are predominantly commercial in characteristic including hotels, restaurants and retail shops, residential and institutional buildings. Notable landmarks within the surrounding vicinity of the subject property are Paddington Station, St Mary’s Hospital and Imperial College (St Mary’s Campus). TiTiwangsa One is also located close to Edgware road, the tourist attraction route which is rich in ethnic culture. MARA Inc is currently managing the building.

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